Saturday, 27 February 2016

Restalrig Railway Path Cleanup

Well done to the crack team of five who attacked the litter at the Easter Road end of Restalrig Railway Path this morning.

Easy-wins at the entrance
Fishing "witches' knickers" out of the hawthorn

Working along the path
Councillor Gordon Munro struggling in the bushes - hard work but worth it as a lot of this has obviously been there for years, so hopefully making things easier for future parties!
This wee robin was delighted with the colonies of beasies we turned up under overgrown plastic bags. Apologies for the photo, I was hampered by equipment. We also startled a fox!
There, that looks a bit better!
There were lots of cleanups going on around Edinburgh this weekend including Figgate Park, Water of Leith, and the other end of Restalrig Path. Look out for the clean bits as you walk around!

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Eleanor Harris, @eleanormharris